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Entigen  Acquired by Biosift (2003)

1030 El Camino Real PMB 284
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
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Technology: Harry Vlahos (2002)


Business description: Entigen Corporation, is a Life Science Information Infrastructure Company, providing data integration solutions to individual researchers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and academic and government funded research institutions. The Problem - We are at the forefront of an information revolution that is changing the way we discover, validate and develop drugs and it will ultimately change the way we diagnose and treat patients. Unfortunately the ability to generate data has outstripped our ability to extract knowledge from this data. Geographically dispersed islands of heterogeneous information, incompatible formats on multiple platforms and the continually changing methodologies relating to the generation and use of the data have made the creation of a unified information infrastructure a challenging proposition.Our Solution - Entigen addresses the problems of this information revolution with its portfolio of data and application integration solutions. Entigen’s proprietary ADAAPT™ platform is a robust and scaleable software infrastructure that enables the integration of disparate datasets and applications into a single framework without the need to displace the existing systems.
Partners include: University of Sydney

Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Sep 2002
Capital raised: 12.0M
Last Round: 2.2M
Ownership: Acquired by Biosift (2003)
VCs include: 3i USA;  Colonial 1st State;  CSL Limited;  International Biotech Trust

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Record updated: Oct 2004
Sector: Biotech
Year Founded: 1999
Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Sep 2002
Capital Raised: 12.0M
Last Round: 2.2M
Ownership: Acquired by Biosift (2003)