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Genomic Health  (Stock symbol: GHDX ) Acquired by Exact Sciences (2019 $ 2,800,000,000 )

101 Galveston Drive
Redwood City, CA 94063
Website Company Summary Management Team

President/COO/Operations: Jon Cassel (2/28/2007) ; Eric J Kunkel (10/31/2018)
General Management: Torsten Hoof (2017) ; Rick Baehner (12/31/2018) ; Steven Shak (2004)
Finance: G Bradley Cole (1/8/09)
Technology: Joffre Baker (2004) ; Michael Vedda (7/31/2016)
Sales/Marketing: James Vaughn

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Fred Cohen (TPG Growth) Woodrow A Myers (WellPoint Former Chief Medical Officer) Randall S Livingston (Stanford University CFO) Ginger L Graham (Two Trees Consultant President/CEO) Randy Scott (Genomic Health Executive Chairman) Julian C Baker (Baker-Tisch Investments) Brook Byers (Kleiner Perkins) Samuel D Colella (Versant Ventures)
Advisory board: Camille D Samuels (Versant Ventures Managing Director)
Former outside board: Michael Goldberg (Jasper Capital)

Business description: Genomic Health, Inc. (NASDAQ: GHDX) is the world's leading provider of genomic-based diagnostic tests that help optimize cancer care, including addressing the overtreatment of the disease, one of the greatest issues in healthcare today. With its Oncotype IQ® Genomic Intelligence Platform, the company is applying its world-class scientific and commercial expertise and infrastructure to lead the translation of clinical and genomic big data into actionable results for treatment planning throughout the cancer patient journey, from diagnosis to treatment selection and monitoring. The Oncotype IQ portfolio of genomic tests and services currently consists of the company's flagship line of Oncotype DX® gene expression tests that have been used to guide treatment decisions for over 1 million cancer patients worldwide. Genomic Health is expanding its test portfolio to include additional liquid- and tissue-based tests, including the Oncotype DX® AR-V7 Nucleus Detect™ test. The company is based in Redwood City, California, with international headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
Partners include: Aetna Janssen Pharmaceuticals ;  Cleveland Diagnostic

Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Mar 2004
Capital raised: 52.0M
Last Round: 27.7M
Ownership: Acquired by Exact Sciences (2019 $ 2,800,000,000 )
Stock Symbol: GHDX
VCs include: Kleiner PerkinsVersant VenturesCHL Medical Partners;  Baker Tisch Investments;  Panorama Capital
Corporate investors: Incyte;  HoweAndLennox;  Collinson

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Record updated: Jul 2019
Sector: Biotech
Year Founded: 2000
Headcount: 1001-1250 as of Jul 2019
Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Mar 2004
Capital Raised: 52.0M
Last Round: 27.7M
Ownership: Acquired by Exact Sciences (2019 $ 2,800,000,000 )
Stock Symbol: GHDX