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AirZip  Acquired by Willow Technology (2005)

469 El Camino Real, Suite 220
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Lee Bauman (6/01)
Technology: David Miller (2003)
Sales/Marketing: Dave Coleman; Thomas Stoker
Business Development: Nathan Pendelton

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Robert Carr (Sofinnova Investments) Marc Fogassa (Axiom Venture Partners);  George McGregor (HP);  Roberto Medrano (Hispanic Net CEO)
Former outside board: Linda Sonntag (Axiom Venture Partners)

Business description: AirZip persistent security solutions enable superior protection of information including version control and the most user friendly operation even over slow lines such as wireless lines. With AirZip, information access is most efficient and can be managed by the information owner wherever the information is used. It’s like keeping your hands on the information around the world with the ability to change permissions at any time. AirZip enables information owners to manage and know who is using their information, how, and when. AirZip is the first and only provider of information acceleration solutions to support both standard image compression solutions, as well as offering a proprietary solution that is unrivalled in performance today. AirZip’s suite of products provides customizable, plug-and-play image acceleration across all devices, networks and data sources. AirZip has created ground-breaking, patent-pending content access, compression, formatting and delivery techniques designed from the ground up. AirZip solutions deliver the promise of a dynamic broadband experience over anyband to realize greater return on existing infrastructure investments.
Partners include: ESRIIBMPropel Software;  California Bankers Association;  Invisix;  Psion;  Stellent

Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Aug 2004
Capital raised: 9.5M
Last Round: 1.5M
Ownership: Acquired by Willow Technology (2005)
Corporate investors: Nordam

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Record updated: Apr 2005
Sector: Software
Year Founded: 2000
Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Aug 2004
Capital Raised: 9.5M
Last Round: 1.5M
Ownership: Acquired by Willow Technology (2005)