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Zest Labs

2349 Bering Drive
San Joise, CA 93131
Website Company Summary Management Team

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Bob Pavey (Morgenthaler Ventures General Partner) Randy May (EcoArk CEO/Chairman)
Advisory board: Chris Neil (Maxim Division VP)
Former outside board: Richard Bravman (Zest Labs Executive Chairman) David J Ezequelle (Alloy Ventures Venture Partner) Jim Marshall (Selby Venture Partners Managing Director) Robert Schwartz (Third point Ventures Managing Director) Tom Hawkins (Arcapita Ventures Director) Ketan R Patel (New Venture Partners Principal) Christopher J Neil (Maxim Integrated Products) Julie England (Texas Instruments VP & General Manager) Linnea Geiss (Arcapita sr. associate)
Former advisory board: Bob Marshall (Selby Venture Partners Partner);  David Tennenhouse (New Venture Partners Partner) Stephen J Socolof (New Venture Partners Managing Partner) Rick Shriner (Woodside Fund Director)

Business description: Our mission at Zest Labs is to help reduce the massive post-harvest fresh food waste through prevention by proactively managing the fresh food supply chain. More than 33 percent of post-harvest food is never consumed. Our solutions reflect our goals of improving the environment through sustainable practices, improving profitability for users, and improving the delivered freshness for consumers. We achieve these goals by providing complete solutions that modernize fresh food distribution. We continuously strive to deliver best-in-class solutions by addressing the science at the root of the problem, then provide the tools that make it easy to do “the right thing” every time. Our Zest Fresh solution enables growers, packers, shippers, distributors and retailers to proactively monitor and manage food freshness in the supply chain, providing the ability to reduce waste by 50% or more and improve product margins by six percent or more.
Customers include: Boeing ;  Bear River Supply ;  Mitsubishi Electric Partner
Partners include: Motorola ;  DeltaTRAK ;  InCom ;  Minds Inc. ;  The Hartford Financial Services Group

Rounds: 7
Recent Fundings: Oct 2012   Sep 2011
Capital raised: 44.0M
Last Round: 5.8M
Ownership: Private  
VCs include: Alloy VenturesSelby Venture Partners Woodside FundMorgenthaler Ventures Motorola Ventures ;  WTI Ventures;  Quan Management;  Capogee Ventures;  Arcapita Ventures New Venture Partners Third Point Ventures

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Record updated: Aug 2018
Sector: Communications
Year Founded: 2004
Headcount: 26-50 as of Dec 2010
Rounds: 7
Recent Fundings: Oct 2012   Sep 2011
Capital Raised: 44.0M
Last Round: 5.8M
Ownership: Private