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5980 Horton Street #470
Emeryville, CA 94608
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: David Fineman (8/01)
President/COO/Operations: Alexander Glass (6/2010) ; Marc K Hellerstein
General Management: William J Evans (5/13/2014); Timothy L Enns (1/13/2014)
Finance: Karen Carothers
Sales/Marketing: Lila Taylor
Business Development: Patrick Doyle ; Ravi Kiron

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) James Burden (Dorset Capital President) K Peter Hirth (Plexxikon Former CEO) James Manuso (Astex Pharmaceuticals President/CEO) Robert Curry (Latterell Venture Partners Partner) Marc K Hellerstein (University of California, Berkeley Faculty)
Advisory board: David Fineman (KineMed) Nicholas Chorazzi (North Shore-Long Island Jewish Research Institute CEO);  William Evans (University of Arkansas School of Medicine Professor);  Shelley Hwang (University of California, San Francisco);  Samuel Klein (Washington University, St. Louis Professor);  Jeffery McKelvey (Avera Pharmaceuticals President/CEO) Richard Neese (University of California, San Francisco Sr. Staff Scientist);  Koenraad Weidhaup (OrganonPharma Group of Akzo Nobel)
Former outside board: Edward Neugeboren (IndiGo Ventures Managing Partner) Leianne Crittenden (Planet Biotechnology President/CEO);  Elliott Fineman (Planet Biotechnology President/CEO);  Sally Lynch (General American Investors);  Jerry Treppel (Wheaton Capital Management General Partner);  Hank Settle (Ernst & Young Former Partner) James Makowka (FACS);  Gregory Swendsen

Business description: KineMed’s assay technology measures the flow of molecules through complex metabolic pathways and networks in living systems. The technology can be used to gain significant data safely from humans as well as from laboratory animals. KineMed’s technology is based on the premise that the operational unit of function in biology is neither the gene nor the protein, but is the flow of molecules through often-complex metabolic pathways. KineMed’s tests, called KineMarkers™, measure the flow of molecules through identified pathways responsible for health and disease. The proprietary KineMarker™ technology utilizes ultra sensitive mass spectrometry in concert with novel processes for labeling and measuring molecular fluxes in living organisms, including humans. KineMed has extensive intellectual property in molecular kinetics, with five currently issued and a significant number of pending patents. Although the processes and uses of KineMed’s technology are novel and proprietary, the underlying technology involving mass spectrometry is mature.
Partners include: Bristol-Myers Squibb Merck Organon Pfizer Roche ;  Bayer HealthCare ;  Sosei

Rounds: 4
Recent Fundings: Aug 2013   Sep 2011
Capital raised: 26.3M
Last Round: 2.0M
Ownership: Private   Ipo Filing
VCs include: Alta Partners;  Stanford Financial Group

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Record updated: Jun 2014
Sector: Biotech
Year Founded: 2001
Headcount: 26-50 as of Nov 2010
Rounds: 4
Recent Fundings: Aug 2013   Sep 2011
Capital Raised: 26.3M
Last Round: 2.0M
Ownership: Private   Ipo Filing