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Kivera  Acquired by Telecommunications Systems (2004)

300 Lakeside Drive #210
Oakland, CA 94612
Website Company Summary Management Team

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Thomas McKernan (AAA Southern California);  Michima Ogawa (DENSO);  Peter Suh (Fremont Communications);  Emory Winship (Clarity Constuction)
Advisory board: Greg Batti (Agility Software)
Former outside board: Keizo Achiwa (DENSO);  Stuart Boren (TRW Financial Systems);  Paul Butterworth (Edgility Software);  Sharon Collier (Collier & Associates);  Robert Hopkins (AAA);  Ed Koch (Coactive Networks CTO);  Richard Pearlman (DENSO)
Former advisory board: Sally Riley (AirTouch)

Business description: Kivera is the location-based services (LBS) market-leader for mobile phones, in-vehicle navigation, telematics, call centers, and voice-interaction services. With a history of delivering dependable, high-quality solutions, Kivera provides private-label LBS technology - enabling driving directions, mapping, and proximity searches - to wireless carriers, logistics and telematics organizations, on-board navigation companies, and Web, voice and wireless portals. The Kivera Location EngineTM was designed from the ground up for easy integration of LBS technology onto existing platforms. This superior technology combined with a comprehensive professional services team lets Kivera conceive, build, implement and deploy LBS technology that compiles data from a host of resources and streamlines it to work on almost any device.
Customers include: ATandT WirelessBellSouthBeVocalCingular WirelessiPlanetSprintSun MicrosystemsVerizon;  AAA;  AAA Mid-Atlantic;  Cadillac;  Denso;  Metro One TeleCommunications.;  VoltDelta
Partners include: BeVocalCingular WirelessGeoVectorHeyAnitaIBMMobileIDPhoneSpotsPioneerPixoQuestSprintSun MicrosystemsTele AtlasToyotaVisa;  American Automobile Association;  Cadillac;  Denso;  GDT;  Jaguar;  Kenwood;  Lexus;  Navtech;  Navtech;  Sensoria;  TeleCommunication Systems;  VoltDelta;  Workup!;  XyPoint

Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings:    Mar 2001
Capital raised: 28.9M
Ownership: Acquired by Telecommunications Systems (2004)
VCs include: Fremont Communications;  Offroad Capital
Corporate investors: Denso;  Sun Microsystems;  Southern California AAA

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Sector: Communications
Year Founded: 1997
Headcount: 26-50 as of Jan 2002
Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings:    Mar 2001
Capital Raised: 28.9M
Ownership: Acquired by Telecommunications Systems (2004)