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Xelerated  Acquired by Marvell (2012  amount undisclosed )

2700 Augustine Drive, Suite 255
Santa Clara, CA 95054
(408) 844 9259
Website Company Summary Management Team

President/COO/Operations: Johan Borge
Technology: Mats Löfling (2001)
Sales/Marketing: Bill Franciscovich

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Joe Golden (Accel General Partner) Gerry Montanus (Accomplice{1}) Khaled Nasr (InterWest Partner) Khaled Nasr (Accomplice{1})
Advisory board: Nilsson Sven-Christer (Ericsson Group Former CEO)
Former outside board: G Venkatesch (Maverick Networks CEO);  Hans Glemstedt (Startupfactory Managing Partner)

Business description: Xelerated provides technology solutions for the networking industry. We help network equipment vendors build high-speed programmable carrier-class systems for prolonged product life times, streamlined R&D and accelerated time-to-market. It all started in 2000, when the founders and a small team of key engineers came up with a new computer architecture for efficient and programmable packet processing at very high data rates. We refer to this innovation as the Dataflow Architecture. It is the only network processor architecture that is Wirespeed by Design. The architecture is today protected by patents and is well recognized worldwide. Students studying technology can read about it in textbooks regarding computer architectures. Commercially, the Dataflow Architecture was designed to be a perfect match for Carrier Ethernet systems used in metro ethernet, unified fiber access and enterprise networks, as well as in data center environments. Today, the Dataflow Architecture is recognized as the leading technology for high-speed network processing. Xelerated implements the Dataflow Architecture in network processors and programmable Ethernet switches that are manufactured by world leading fabs. The devices set a new benchmark for packet processing devices. In support to our customers' engineering efforts, we provide an array of software products and services to help them customize our technology in order to match the system designs and product innovations they envision.
Customers include: Atrica Fujitsu Huawei ;  ZTE
Partners include: Dune Networks

Rounds: 5
Recent Fundings: Aug 2008   May 2007
Capital raised: 86.0M
Last Round: 13.0M
Ownership: Acquired by Marvell (2012  amount undisclosed )
VCs include: AccelAlta PartnersAccomplice{1}Amadeus Capital Partners ;  Startupfactory;  Sixth Swedish National Pension Fund

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Record updated: Jan 2012
Sector: Semiconductor
Year Founded: 2000
Rounds: 5
Recent Fundings: Aug 2008   May 2007
Capital Raised: 86.0M
Last Round: 13.0M
Ownership: Acquired by Marvell (2012  amount undisclosed )