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Purisma  Acquired by DandB (2007 $ 48,000,000 )

1600 Seaport Boulevard, Suite 170
Redwood City, CA 94063
Website Company Summary Management Team

Not listed on the website: (May no longer be at the company) Michael Jacobs*

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Colin R. Savage (Worldview Technology Partners General Partner) Roderick C. McGeary (Brience Former CEO) Chris McKay (Granite Ventures)
Former outside board: Rupen Dolasia (Granite Ventures)

Business description: Purisma develops customer identity management solutions which deliver an essential component of any successful CDI deployment. The Purisma Customer Registry™ is the first turnkey solution that resolves disparate, cross-system identities including complex corporate structures and hierarchies. Its patented technology goes far beyond simple name and address matches to deliver highly accurate, reliable account identities. When your customers include large corporate accounts with presence around the world, reliably identifying them isn't a simple matter. Relationships between different divisions, countries and languages complicate getting the right information to the people and applications that need it. Say nothing of trying to leverage an external data source like Dun & Bradstreet. Purisma's flagship solution uses Web services to connect into enterprise-wide systems, databases and external data sources to discover complex relationships between accounts or contacts. It makes matches and identifies near-matches based on company name, shared addresses and many other common data fields. What's more, it's the only solution built for correlating identities based on all available information, including complex corporate hierarchies. Purisma Customer Registry improves the quality of customer identities through Customer Identity Management (CIM) to improve your end results. This infrastructure must be able to identify customers across disparate systems and feed these identities to the appropriate business applications for analytical processing.
Customers include: Endeca TechnologiesInforXO Communications ;  BEA s;  Cardinal Health;  Hyperion;  SSA Global Technologies
Partners include: BEA Systems Business Objects Hyperion Solutions Informatica Teradata ;  ATTEVO ;  DandB ;  Full 360 ;  Synergic Partners

Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Aug 2003
Capital raised: 12.3M
Last Round: 4.0M
Ownership: Acquired by DandB (2007 $ 48,000,000 )
Corporate investors: Hyperion Solutions

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Record updated: Nov 2007
Sector: Software
Year Founded: 2003
Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Aug 2003
Capital Raised: 12.3M
Last Round: 4.0M
Ownership: Acquired by DandB (2007 $ 48,000,000 )