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170 Harbor Way, Suite 200
South San Francisco, CA 94080
Website Company Summary Management Team

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) David B. Singer (Maverick Capital Limited Partner) Fred Cohen (TPG Growth Partner) Risa Stack (Kleiner Perkins) Garry P. Nolan (Stanford University School of Medicine Professor) Russell W. Bradley (Luminex VP Strategic Planning & Business Development) Andrew Allen (Pharmion Chief Medical Officer) Gregory Critchfield (Genetic Laboratories President)

Business description: Nodality is a San Francisco Bay Area life sciences company on a mission to help drug developers deliver more effective drugs to more precisely targeted patient groups. Our customers range from large pharmaceutical companies to small and mid-sized biotechnology companies. We provide high quality products and services to any drug developer with a compound whose performance could be improved. Nodality’s technology is founded around a multiparametric flow cytometry platform – Single Cell Network Profiling (SCNP) – that provides robust, human cell-based translational models of disease, drug activity and patient responses. SCNP reveals complex biology at the single-cell level, creating competitive advantages in addressing many of the most pressing challenges in drug discovery and development. The use of SNCP provides our customers with network-level views of drug-to-target interactions in specific cells of interest including the identification of rare cell groups and cell subsets with potentially interesting or even compelling biological implications. We are able to deliver a rich package of clinically actionable information to our customers. We believe that revealing the activity, communication and change that occurs in individual cells and whole cellular networks will facilitate development of drugs from the preclinical stage all the way to the clinic. Nodality has a highly experienced management team hailing from Genentech, Genomic Health, Merck, Novartis, Onyx and Sugen. Founded in 2006 with technology licensed from Stanford University, the Company currently has an IP portfolio consisting of 20 issued patents and more than 100 patent applications. Major investors include Kleiner Perkins, TPG Biotech, Maverick, Pfizer, and LabCorp.
Partners include: Pfizer

Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Mar 2010   Aug 2006
Capital raised: 17.5M
Last Round: 15.5M
Ownership: Private  
VCs include: Kleiner PerkinsMaverick Capital;  TPG Biotech Partners
Corporate investors: Pfizer Ventures

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Record updated: Jul 2015
Sector: Biotech
Year Founded: 2006
Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Mar 2010   Aug 2006
Capital Raised: 17.5M
Last Round: 15.5M
Ownership: Private