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nSite Software  Acquired by Business Objects (2006  amount undisclosed)

7031 Koll Center Parkway #250
Pleasanton, CA 94566
Website Company Summary Management Team

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Mike Bateman (Blue Pumpkin Software Former CEO) Peter Goettner (Worldview Technology Partners Executive In Residence) Colin R. Savage (Worldview Technology Partners) Spencer Hyman (Amazon);  Paul M. Tabet (nSite Former CTO)
Advisory board: Gerald Blaesing (KPMG Peat Marwick/Bearing Point);  Talbot Harty (Network Equipment Technologies CIO) Timothy C. Chou (Oracle On Demand)
Former outside board: Richard G. Couch (Diablo Management) Wilbur Fix (Bon Marche CEO);  Craig Gosselin (Vans General Counsel);  Randy Haykin (Outlook Ventures)

Business description: Nsite is the industry's only on-demand, self learning solution to automate and improve business process. Our solution allows enterprises to take control and continuously improve user driven processes for any size business. Nsite customers typically achieve ROI within weeks instead of years, as is often the case with enterprise applications. Because the Nsite solution is provided in a hosted delivery model, significant gains in time to benefit are achieved, and ownership costs are greatly reduced. Nsite was founded to address many of the everyday, people-to-people processes that arise from constant changes in the business, including most management-level, decision-making processes. These are processes that traditional packaged applications have failed to address because they are too inflexible to manage the variability in any standard operating procedure. This results in long cycle times, process breakdowns, frequent errors and poor execution. The Nsite approach harvests the knowledge of the organization in real-time, including actual business policies and process patterns, and allows users to gain control over the manual processes through clear visibility into bottlenecks and flows. Nsite also provides templates and forms for many functional areas.
Customers include: Asyst TechnologiesBlue Pumpkin SoftwareNeoScale NetAppPanasasREMECSamsungSmart Modular TechnologiesWind River Systems;  I Squared;  i2;  Maxxium;  Platform Learning;  R2;  Samsung Semiconductor;  Spectra-Physics;  St John Knits;  Tosoh SET

Rounds: 3
Recent Fundings: Aug 2005   Mar 2004
Capital raised: 12.8M
Last Round: 4.0M
Ownership: Acquired by Business Objects (2006  amount undisclosed)
Angels/other VCs: Bob Karr (Milestone Partners)
Corporate investors: Copan

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Record updated: Aug 2005
Sector: Software
Year Founded: 1998
Headcount: 26-50 as of Aug 2005
Rounds: 3
Recent Fundings: Aug 2005   Mar 2004
Capital Raised: 12.8M
Last Round: 4.0M
Ownership: Acquired by Business Objects (2006  amount undisclosed)