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Sanrise  Acquired by EMC (2002)

7950 Dublin Blvd #200
Mountain View, CA 94568
Website Company Summary Management Team

President/COO/Operations: Philip G. Connolly (2002)
Finance: Marshall Case; Minty Kamal (1/01)
Sales/Marketing: Frank Lord
General Counsel/Legal: David Serepca

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Seth Neiman (Crosspoint Venture Partners)
Advisory board: Marshall Case (Exodus Communications CFO);  John Ferer (Vastera COO);  John Legere (Arkadin);  John Loiacono (Sun Microsystems VP Marketing) Greg Reyes (Brocade Communications Systems CEO);  Ken Sichau (AT&T Business Mkts)

Business description: Sanrise provides services by installing storagecels at customer locations for corporate data or hosting centers for Internet data. A storagecel consists of Hitachi Data Systems Freedom 9900 storage arrays, Brocade Communications Systems Fibre Channel switches and StorageTek tape libraries. With Sanrise's Storagetone services, customers can choose to manage their storage via management software located at a storage portal called or have Sanrise technicians manage it.

Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings:    May 2001
Capital raised: 203.0M
Ownership: Acquired by EMC (2002)

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Record updated: Jan 2003
Sector: Storage
Year Founded: 2000
Headcount: 51-75 as of Feb 2002
Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings:    May 2001
Capital Raised: 203.0M
Ownership: Acquired by EMC (2002)