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Sensory Networks  Acquired by Intel (2013 $ 20,000,000)

2680 Bayshore Parkway, Suite 212
Mountain View, CA 94303
Website Company Summary Management Team

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Roger Barry (IVF Founder) Allan Aaron (Technology Partners Founding Partner)
Advisory board: Mike Nelson (Xilinx);  Ray Ball (University of Chicago Professor);  Ian Buchanan (Booz·Allen & Hamilton);  Malcomb Castle (technology consultant);  Mike Schiffman (Cisco Systems);  Vatsal Sonecha (McAfee) Andre Van Schaik (University of Sydney)
Former outside board: Art Collmeyer (iWatt Founder) Nicholas McDonagh (Accede Capital General Partner) Matthew Koertge (Accede Capital General Partner) Bill Bartee (international venture investor);  George Foster (Stanford University Professor);  Matthew Koertge (DB Capital Partners);  Alan Liddle (Micormedical Industries CEO);  Mark Richards (Technology Venture Partners General Partner) Dan Siazon (JAFCO Investment)

Business description: Sensory Networks is a provider of software pattern matching solutions that enable richer functionality and greater performance in network security applications. Typical target applications include Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Antivirus (AV) and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) systems. The Company’s HyperScan pattern matching software runs on a variety of processor architectures and operating systems, providing excellent scanning performance in an easy-to-integrate library. Before focusing on software-only approaches, Sensory Networks designed and built hardware acceleration products for pattern matching. HyperScan represents an evolution of the techniques developed while designing those products, offering much higher performance and greater flexibility. Sensory Networks is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and has an R&D office in Sydney, Australia.
Partners include: Xilinx ;  Bleeding Snort;  Clam AntiVirus ;  Kaspersky ;  Lanner Eletronics

Rounds: 4
Recent Fundings: Dec 2008   Feb 2007
Capital raised: 28.0M
Last Round: 1.4M
Ownership: Acquired by Intel (2013 $ 20,000,000)
VCs include: AllenAndBuckeridge;  DB Capital Partners;  Technology Venture Partners;  JAFCO Investments Asia;  Individuals' Venture Fund;  Accede Capital
Corporate investors: Ericsson-Deutsche Technology Fund;  Xilinx Technology Growth Fund

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Record updated: Oct 2013
Sector: Communications
Year Founded: 2001
Headcount: 26-50 as of Oct 2005
Rounds: 4
Recent Fundings: Dec 2008   Feb 2007
Capital Raised: 28.0M
Last Round: 1.4M
Ownership: Acquired by Intel (2013 $ 20,000,000)