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U-Systems  Acquired by GE Healthcare (2012  amount undisclosed )

447 Indio Way
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
(408) 245-1970
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Ronald Ho (08/07/2008)
President/COO/Operations: Robert F. Lawrence
General Management: Jeanine Rader
Technology: Jiayu Chen
Customer Service: Robert M. Foley

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Wu-Fu Chen (iD Innovation) Peter Gerry (Sycamore Ventures Managing Partner) Ed Yang (iD Ventures America) Nandini Tandon (Lumira Capital Managing Director);  John D. Pavlidis (ESTECH CEO) Bob Wang (U-Systems Chairman)
Former outside board: Nancy D. Burrus (Indosuez Ventures Partner);  Andrew T. Jay (Siemens Venture Capital);  Vincent Lum (MDS Capital Former Venture Partner);  Doug Orr (J&M Group President);  Jan Rock (MedCapital);  Jonas Wang (Sycamore Ventures)

Business description: U-Systems Inc designs, develops and markets innovative, cost-effective, ultrasound systems to assist the radiologist in detection of breast cancer. The company has developed a leadership position in advanced imaging systems and incorporated proprietary hardware and software technology in its first system offering: the Full-Field Breast Ultrasound System (FFBU). The FFBU automatically images the whole-breast and immediately presents the results to the physician in a readily usable format making possible high volume, cost-effective ultrasound imaging of dense breasted women. The FFBU™ system automatically images the whole-breast and provides a unique Somogram™ of the scanned breast. The Somogram is an ultrasound image configured to look like a mammogram in the standard mammographic views (e.g. CC, MLO). Thus, Somogram allows one-to-one correlation between the ultrasound images and the mammogram, which is expected to improve and enhance the current ultrasound practice in early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer and breast diseases.

Rounds: 8
Recent Fundings: Jun 2012   May 2011
Capital raised: 80.0M
Last Round: 5.0M
Ownership: Acquired by GE Healthcare (2012  amount undisclosed )
VCs include: Sycamore VenturesWI Harper Group;  Pacific Rim Ventures;  Harbinger Venture Management;  MDS Health Ventures;  EDB;  Softbank Life Science Ventures;  Radius Ventures;  AmKey Ventures;  Indosuez Ventures;  iD SoftCapital Group ;  Lumira Capital;  iD Innovation;  President International Development Corp.;  TSC Bioventures;  China InvestmentAndDevelopment
Corporate investors: Digital OriginSiemens Venture CapitalCitigroupKinetic Ventures;  United MDS

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Record updated: Jul 2013
Sector: Medical
Year Founded: 1997
Rounds: 8
Recent Fundings: Jun 2012   May 2011
Capital Raised: 80.0M
Last Round: 5.0M
Ownership: Acquired by GE Healthcare (2012  amount undisclosed )