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My Lists  Acquired by CrowdGather (2010  amount undisclosed )

78 1st St., 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
Website Company Summary Management Team

Technology: Samuel Stauffer (2/28/2007)
Former Employees: Dan Bragiel Paul Bragiel Vincent Lauria


Business description: The Lefora Team got fed up with the lack of features available in forums. We use them everyday, from art forums, to game forums, to tech forums - we couldn't get over just how old school they were. Something needed to be done! We've taken our development experiences and put them together to create what we believe is how discussions should happen on the web. Our forums are social, engaging, easy to use, and most importantly - fun to interact with. We dread things like clicking through multiple pages, not being able to filter out annoying posters, dealing with spam, the necessity to create an account just to make a quick comment, staring at butt-ugly templates, never getting notified of responses to our questions, not being able to embed YouTube videos, etc. The list just keeps going on, we're sure you're familiar with our complaints. We also know how hard it has been up until now to get a forum started. It takes just a few clicks to get a blog going, why can't forums be that way?

Ownership: Acquired by CrowdGather (2010  amount undisclosed )

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Record updated: Jul 2010
Sector: Internet
Ownership: Acquired by CrowdGather (2010  amount undisclosed )