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Arctic Wolf Networks

111 West Evelyn Avenue, Suite 115
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(888) 272-8429
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Brian M NeSmith (5/31/2012)
President/COO/Operations: Sam McLane (10/31/2013)
Finance: Gregor McCole (2/28/2019)
Technology: Darrell Long (2/28/2021) ; Matthew Thurston (7/31/2012)
Sales/Marketing: Nick Schneider
General Counsel/Legal: Jonathan Dadesho


Business description: Arctic Wolf Networks provides SOC-as-a-service that is redefining the economics of security. AWN CyberSOC™ is anchored by Concierge Security Engineers and includes 24×7 monitoring, custom alerting and incident investigation and response. There is no hardware or software to purchase, and the end-to-end service includes a proprietary cloud-based SIEM, threat intelligence subscriptions and all the expertise and tools required. They are relocating to Eden Prarie, Minnesota in 2021.

Rounds: 7
Recent Fundings: Jul 2021   Oct 2020
Capital raised: 498.2M
Last Round: 150.0M
Ownership: Private  
VCs include: Redpoint VenturesAdams Street Partners ;  Lightspeed Ventures;  Knollwood Investment Advisory ;  Blue Cloud Ventures ;  Sonae Investment Management Unusual Ventures ;  Owl Rock, a division of Blue Owl Capital

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Record updated: Jun 2021
Sector: Security
Year Founded: 2012
Headcount: 801-1000 as of Jun 2021
Rounds: 7
Recent Fundings: Jul 2021   Oct 2020
Capital Raised: 498.2M
Last Round: 150.0M
Ownership: Private