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Magnetic Insight

2020 N Loop Road
Alameda, CA 94502
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Anna Christensen (10/31/2014)
President/COO/Operations: John Carl (2/28/2020)
Finance: Vanessa Eriksson (04/30/2020)
Technology: Patrick Goodwill (9/30/2014)
Former Employees: Aaron Mishel

Advisory board: Michael Harsh (Terapede Systems) David Panzarella (Xenogen Former VP Sales)

Business description: Magnetic Insight has pioneered magnetic particle imaging (MPI), a new diagnostic and monitoring technology that transforms medical imaging. MPI provides unique information not available from current structural and metabolic imaging captured by CT, MRI, and nuclear medicine. MPI offers what no other modality can: the ability to directly monitor costly cell therapy cancer treatments to inform clinical decision making. Having started in the preclinical space by selling small animal products to leading universities worldwide, Magnetic Insight is now scaling up MPI technology for clinical use. Learn more at
Partners include: Stanford School of Medicine

Rounds: 11
Recent Fundings: Jun 2022   Oct 2021
Capital raised: 41.5M
Last Round: 17.0M
Ownership: Private  
Angels/other VCs: Dominic Merenda (Ceqoo)

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Record updated: Jun 2022
Sector: Medical
Year Founded: 2014
Headcount: 11-25 as of Jun 2022
Rounds: 11
Recent Fundings: Jun 2022   Oct 2021
Capital Raised: 41.5M
Last Round: 17.0M
Ownership: Private