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250 Polaris Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043
(844) 330-5590
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Alex Garden (4/30/2018)
President/COO/Operations: Matt Landry (2/28/2018)
Finance: Meredith Whitney (4/30/2019)
Technology: Pablo Gonzales (12/31/2018) ; Josh Goldberg (3/31/2018) ; Christopher Satchell (4/30/2018)
Sales/Marketing: Priya Chawla
HR: Ron Storn
General Counsel/Legal: Renee Louise Robin


Business description: Zume is the perfect marriage of food and technology. At Zume, our mission is to provide the very best pizza delivery experience in the world, and to delight each and every customer. We believe that everyone deserves to have delicious, wholesome, artisan pizza at a fair price, delivered fast! We invest in the quality of our ingredients, and in the well-being of our employees, producers and the environment, to create an exceptional experience for our customers.

Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Nov 2018   Oct 2017
Capital raised: 423.0M
Last Round: 375.0M
Ownership: Private  
VCs include: MaveronAME Cloud VenturesKortschak Investments SignalFire;  SoftBank’s Vision Fund

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Record updated: Jun 2019
Sector: Internet
Year Founded: 2015
Headcount: 301-400 as of Jun 2019
Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Nov 2018   Oct 2017
Capital Raised: 423.0M
Last Round: 375.0M
Ownership: Private