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121 2nd Street #500
San Francisco, CA 94105
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Nikil Viswanathan (8/31/2017)
Finance: Gabe Avins (08/31/2021)
Technology: Joe Lau (9/30/2017) ; Mike Garland (8/31/2018)
Sales/Marketing: Rob Boyle


Business description: Alchemy is a developer platform that empowers companies to build scalable and reliable decentralized applications without the hassle of managing blockchain infrastructure in-house. It is currently faster, more reliable, and more scalable than any other existing solution, and is incredibly easy to integrate! Alchemy enables companies to build blockchain applications by leveraging years of research and experience in artificial intelligence, massively scalable infrastructure, and big data analysis. Many top projects in the space, including Augur, Cryptokitties, Kyber, Radar Relay, OpenSea, etc rely on Alchemy to support their core infrastructure needs. The team consists of top engineers (from Stanford, MIT, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and many more startups) with decades of industry experience in big data and scalable infrastructure and is backed by A-list investors (Charles Schwab, Coinbase, founders of LinkedIn and Paypal, Chairman of Google, etc)
Customers include: BitGo Circle Dapper MakersPlace OpenSea Splunk ;  CryptoPunks ;  Deversifi ;  kyber network ;  Nifty Gateway ;  PWC ;  SuperRare ;  Sushimo Electronics ;  UNICEF ;

Rounds: 5
Recent Fundings: Feb 2022   Oct 2021
Capital raised: 563.90M
Last Round: 200.0M
Ownership: Private  
Angels/other VCs: Jared Leto (Fandor);  Vivek Saraswat (
Corporate investors: Kenetic
Private equity: Silver Lake Partners
Other investors: eMotion

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Record updated: Feb 2022
Sector: Information Technology
Year Founded: 2017
Headcount: 51-75 as of Feb 2022
Rounds: 5
Recent Fundings: Feb 2022   Oct 2021
Capital Raised: 563.90M
Last Round: 200.0M
Ownership: Private