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1000 Van Ness Ave Suite 10004
San Francisco, CA 94109
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Ashwin Cheriyan (8/31/2013)
President/COO/Operations: Shiri Avnery (10/31/2013)
Technology: Kyusik Chung (6/30/2020)
Sales/Marketing: Aaron Magness
Business Development: Nicole Cifani

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Alap Shah (Sentieo CEO) Daniel Gluck (Powerplant Ventures Partner)

Business description: Thistle is a healthy food and juice company. Thistle makes eating nutritious, organic and local foods incredibly convenient and accessible. We believe that by removing the major existing hurdles to consumers (no time to make a meal; too expensive to eat healthy; bad local options), we can empower our customers to make great choices for themselves, their family and the environment.

Rounds: 3
Recent Fundings: Jan 2021   Jan 2020
Capital raised: 17.0M
Last Round: 10.3M
Ownership: Private  
VCs include: Powerplant Ventures Alumni Ventures Group Siddhi Capital ;  Rich Products Corporation
Angels/other VCs: Imran Ahmad (Dave's Hot Chicken)

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Record updated: Jan 2021
Sector: Food & Beverage
Year Founded: 2013
Headcount: 101-150 as of Jan 2020
Rounds: 3
Recent Fundings: Jan 2021   Jan 2020
Capital Raised: 17.0M
Last Round: 10.3M
Ownership: Private