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Spotlight Therapeutics

26118 Research Place
Hayward, CA 94545
(510) 543-0700
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Mary Haak-Frendscho (1/31/2019)
Technology: Mark Knuth (1/31/2020) ; Peter Cameron ; Mary Janatpour (10/31/2019)
Business Development: Cheng Li
Former Employees: Hari Jayaram

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Blake Byers (GV General Partner) Antoine Yver (Daiichi Sankyo EVP Head of Oncology R&D)

Business description: Spotlight Therapeutics is a privately held biotechnology company advancing a pipeline of cell-targeted in vivo CRISPR gene editing therapies. Spotlight's proprietary technology platform TAGE (Targeted Active Gene Editors) is a new class of biologics, CRISPR effectors engineered for direct delivery in vivo, to achieve cell-selective therapeutic genome editing. Spotlight's pipeline is advancing its modular programmable CRISPR effectors towards clinical studies in immuno-oncology, ophthalmic diseases and hemoglobinopathies. The company is headquartered in Hayward, California. For more information, please visit

Rounds: 4
Recent Fundings: Mar 2022   Nov 2020
Capital raised: 80.7M
Last Round: 36.5M
Ownership: Private  
VCs include: GV Emerson CollectiveMagnetic Ventures;  Foothill Ventures ;  DNA Capital;  GordonMD;  EPIQ Capital

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Record updated: Jul 2022
Sector: Biotech
Year Founded: 2017
Headcount: 26-50 as of Jul 2022
Rounds: 4
Recent Fundings: Mar 2022   Nov 2020
Capital Raised: 80.7M
Last Round: 36.5M
Ownership: Private