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Botrista Technology

2686 Middlefield Rd, Suite G
Redwood City, CA 94063
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Sean Hsu
President/COO/Operations: Paul Chen (11/30/2019)
Technology: Peter Kuo


Business description: Botrista is a robotics company based in Silicon Valley. They provide an end to end beverage solution to restaurant chains. They have the capability to automate drink menus and pour an array of drinks including delicious and high profitable non-alcoholic mixed beverages. The Robot Barista increases drink selection, quality, and consistency while reducing labor. It can also be modified to mix premium cocktails. The Botrista Team combines decades of robotics expertise and beverage industry experience to develop end-to-end automation solutions to help beverage retailers address the shifting demands from today’s health-conscious consumer. It leverages manufacturing techniques and integrates software to revolutionize the way fresh beverages are prepared and produced.

Rounds: 5
Recent Fundings: Jun 2021
Capital raised: 15.1M
Last Round: 10.0M
Ownership: Private  
VCs include: UpHonest Capital ;  Sony Innovation Fund;  HIVE Ventures ;  Purestone Capital;  La Kaffa International;  The Middleby Corp

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Record updated: Jun 2021
Sector: Food & Beverage
Year Founded: 2017
Headcount: 26-50 as of Jun 2021
Rounds: 5
Recent Fundings: Jun 2021
Capital Raised: 15.1M
Last Round: 10.0M
Ownership: Private