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ReVance Therapeutics  (Stock symbol: RVNC )

Nashville, TN 94560
(510) 742-3400
Website Company Summary Management Team

Management: Mark Foley (CEO/President) Abhay Joshi (COO, President of R&D and Product Operations) Aubrey Rankin (President, Innovation & Technology) Azita Nejad (SVP Technical Operations) Roman Rubio (SVP Clinical Development) Dustin Sjuts (Chief Commercial Officer, Aesthetics & Therapeutics) Tobin Schilke (CFO) Justin Ford (SVP Human Resources and Head of People) Dwight Moxie (General Counsel)

Board: Robert Byrnes (Solta Medical ) Phyllis Gardner (Essex Woodlands Health Ventures) Jill Beraud (Sh'nnong Beverage Company CEO) Mark J Foley (Zeltiq Aesthetics) Philip J Vickers (Northern Biologics CEO) Julian S Gangolli (GW Pharmaceuticals President) Chris Nolet (Ernst & Young Chairman of the Audit Committee);  Olivia C Ware (Principia Biopharma SVP)Carey O’Connor Kolaja (AU10TIX CEO)
Business Description

Revance Therapeutics, Inc. is a privately held biopharmaceutical company developing products that will change the way that drugs are delivered. The com­pany's pro­prie­tary TransMTS® techno­logy has de­mon­strated the abil­ity to carry act­ive levels of drug across the skin to de­liv­er at spe­cif­ic and tar­geted depths - en­abling top­ic­al de­liv­ery of macromolecules and elim­in­at­ing needles. Our lead in­vest­ig­a­tion­al product util­iz­ing the Trans­MTS tech­no­logy is a phys­i­cian-ap­plied top­ic­al botulin­um tox­in type A (BoNTA) pro­duct being developed for cos­met­ic and the­ra­peut­ic in­dica­tions (RT001). Eliminating needles from treatment with BoNTA could significantly expand the market by removing many of the barriers to entry. Revance has the exclusive rights to a portfolio of highly purified BoNTA proteins for use across all dose forms for all indications worldwide. Our proprietary BoNTA proteins and TransMTS technology have applications beyond the initial dermatology focus: our pipeline includes research programs in other therapeutic areas, and we are pursuing licensing opportunities for use of TransMTS with additional compounds.

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Record updated: Mar 2021
Ownership: Public  
Stock Symbol: RVNC