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Network Computing Devices  (Stock symbol: NCDI.PK )

Portland, Oregon
Website Company Summary Management Team

Management: Guenther Pfaff (President/CEO);  Rudi Morin (CFO);  Cecil Dye (VP Sales);  Janet Pathak (VP Sales);  Bill Rademacher (VP Sales);  Stephen Ruvolo (VP Sales);  Dawna Urlakis (VP Sales & Marketing);  JoAnn Rogers (VP HR);  Joe Ramirez (General Counsel)
Outside board: James Anderson (MPAE Management Company);  Robert Loarie (Weiss, Peck & Greer);  Stephen A MacDonald (Bellamax CEO);  Edward Staiano (Motorola)

Business description: Network Computing Devices, Inc. (OTC BB: NCDI) is a leading provider of server- and web-based computing solutions. NCD Thinfrastructure comprises thin client information access and management hardware and software that deliver a richer end-user experience with a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). NCD products deliver high performance, easy-to-manage, cost-effective access to all information and applications on enterprise networks and intranets. We regret to inform you that NCD has ceased operations. However, a few of the company's employees have set up a new company, ThinPATH Systems, to provide former NCD customers and others with service, support and products. They can be reached at 971-404-3285 and on the web at
Customers include: Barclays Bank;  Fed Express;  US Army
Partners include: Lucent TechnologiesMotorola

Rounds: 5
Capital raised: 10.8M
Ownership: Public  
Stock Symbol: NCDI.PK
Corporate investors: MicrosoftMotorola Ventures

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Sector: Communications
Year Founded: 1988
Rounds: 5
Capital raised: 10.8M
Ownership: Public  
Stock Symbol: NCDI.PK