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Anchor Intelligence

550 South California Ave., Suite 300
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 320-9100
Website Company Summary Management Team

Management: Ken Miller (CEO)Ronald C. Conway (Interim VP Business Development)Marc Brown (CTO)
Outside board: Ronald C. Conway (independent investor)James Pitkow (Anchor Intelligence Chairman)
Advisory board: Lee Van Pelt (Van Pelt, Yi and James);  Rich LeFurgy (IAB Founder);  Eric Peterson (author);  Chuck Geiger ( CTO)

Business description: Anchor Intelligence provides search networks, advertisers, agencies, and ad networks with cutting edge solutions to confidently assess the quality of traffic on their network. The company was founded on the principles of transparency and accountability in online advertising and is committed to upholding high standards of trust and integrity. Our goal is to provide rigorous analysis of web traffic to enable advertisers to make informed choices about the dollars they spend online, and to help ad and search networks capitalize on monetization opportunities that benefit both advertisers and themselves. We have a world-class team of practitioners, scientists, and engineers who have proven track records in fraud, risk management, online advertising, and security. We are committed to building solutions that scale with our customers and providing insights that drive critical business decisions.

Rounds: 2
Recent fundings: Dec 2008   Sep 2007
Capital raised: 5.2M
Last Round: .85M
Ownership: Private  
VCs include: JKandB CapitalMaples InvestmentsSherpalo Ventures;  Caufield Angel Fund
Angels/other VCs: Richard Chang (Georgian Pine Investments);  Ronald C. Conway (Angel Investors L.P.);  Mike Hill (MJH Capital);  Douglas Jones (Interwoven);  Edward P. Kinsey (Ariba);  Jarl Mohn (Determination Ventures);  Rajeev Motwani (Stanford Professor);  Michael Parekh (Goldman Sachs);  James Pitkow (Attributor);  Jordan Rohan (Analyst RBC);  Edward Sim (Dawntreader);  Elizabeth Taylor (PeopleSoft)

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Record updated: Sep 2008
Sector: Internet
Year Founded: 2006
Rounds: 2
Recent fundings: Dec 2008   Sep 2007
Capital raised: 5.2M
Last Round: .85M
Ownership: Private