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405 El Camino Real #234
Menlo Park, CA 94025
(415) 692-3411
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Management: Alicia Seiger (VP Sales & Business Development)

Business description: Every TerraPass member has taken a simple positive step to fight global warming. Every TerraPass purchase is a vote for innovation, efficiency, and clean energy. Together, we have eliminated over 250 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Be part of a group that is driving change today. The first step you can take to fight global warming is to reduce your carbon footprint through conservation. Drive less. Turn down the thermostat. Buy locally produced goods. Then use TerraPass to reduce your carbon footprint all the way to zero. When you buy a TerraPass, your money funds renewable energy projects such as wind farms. These projects result in verified reductions in greenhouse gas pollution. And these reductions counterbalance your own emissions.
Partners include: 3PAR Expedia Stanford University TonicAcquired uShip ;  3form ;  ais ;  Capricorn ;  Carbon Credit Solutions ;  ECOLIMO ; ;  HFS Consultants ;  Intellicoat Technologies ;  Invested Interests ;  Manchester Capital ;  Pair Networks ;  Participant Productions ;  Patagonia ;  SAM’s Club ;  Skoll Foundation ;  The Ford Motor Company ;  Timberland ;  Winslow ;  World 50

Rounds: 1
Recent fundings: Jun 2007
Last Round: 5.8M
Ownership: Private  
VCs include: MaveronNth Power

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Record updated: Jun 2007
Sector: Internet
Rounds: 1
Recent fundings: Jun 2007
Last Round: 5.8M
Ownership: Private