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1970 Broadway #900
Oakland, CA 94612
Website Company Summary Management Team

Management: Glenn Kohner (CEO/Chairman);  Rob Power (Director of Engineering);  Steve Anderson (VP Sales & Marketing)Dawn Plaskon (Chief Customer Officer)
Outside board: David Agger (Nexspace CEO);  Sergio Mazza (American National Standards);  Jeffrey Porter (Porter Capital Management)

Business description: Vintara is the leading provider of Web-based enterprise process management solutions and services. Founded in 1997, Vintara has a proven track record of helping the enterprise successfully prepare for and cost-effectively maintain compliance with a range of domestic and internationally recognized standards, including the ISO series, OHSAS standards, FDA regulations, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, GPRA/FISMA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and many others. Combining innovative technology with training and consulting services, our brands — ISO9, ISO14, ISO17, OHS18 and 6SIGMA — deliver the solutions that help the enterprise manage a range of key business processes setting the path to continual improvement. The Vintara application serves as the "General Ledger" for rolling up processes across disparate vertical and horizontal user groups enabling enhanced enterprisewide communication and complete visibility to all process management systems. We combine our technology, our people and our implementation process to deliver solutions that provide complete management system automation. The connection of these three elements ensures a company is able to franchise key processes – the same process everywhere. Headquartered in Oakland, California Vintara provides solutions and services to customers come from a variety of industries, with a diverse range of needs. In every case, Vintara has created solutions that meet and exceed their growing business needs.
Customers include: HumanaSanarus MedicalSiemens;  Accuship;  American National Standards Institute;  ANSI;  Bowne International;  CACI;  Harris Moran Seed Company;  Rheem;  Ryerson Tull;  The Intrausa Group;  U.S. Tsubaki
Partners include: 3ComIBM;  Barcom Associated Consultants

Rounds: 1
Recent fundings:    Sep 2000
Capital raised: 5.0M
Last Round: amount undisclosed
Ownership: Private  
VCs include: Lancaster Investment Partners;  Porter Capital

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Record updated: Mar 2007
Sector: Internet
Year Founded: 2000
Rounds: 1
Recent fundings:    Sep 2000
Capital raised: 5.0M
Last Round: amount undisclosed
Ownership: Private