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Management: Eric A Rupp (CEO);  John Anglim (Interim Management);  Laszlo Rakoczi (Advisor);  Eric Walter (Strategic Advisor);  John Rosenberg (Interim Finance practice);  Amanda West (Interim Finance practice);  Gerald Williams (Interim Finance practice);  Peter Brown (Interim Legal Practice)
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Business description: Venture Associates creates excellence in operational infrastructure for start-up through medium-sized companies - with a special emphasis on accounting and finance. Working with more than 60 companies since 1996, Venture Associates ensures the smooth and practiced implementation of client companies’ operational infrastructure – individuals and teams to assist client personnel and/or take the lead to develop, operate, and manage key functional issues: accounting and finance, human resources management, and software systems that support these functions. Operational infrastructure isn't a core competency for most businesses, but it can be a core strength that contributes to the management’s ability to think strategically and execute tactically. We bring deep experience that helps us cross-pollinate client companies with operational components and techniques that have worked well elsewhere. That's our role and contribution to building great companies."
Customers include: Advanced Analogic TechnologiesBenchmarkContivoCutek ResearchDascomEllipsys TechnologiesExodus CommunicationsGetMediaHandspringKDwebNovasys MedicalNuvoMediaPCTELTelepostThe Armada GroupTru-Si TechnologiesWIS TechnologiesWorldview Technology PartnersYield Engineering SystemsZayante;  AFS Trinity Power;  Anatometal;  Bambus;;  Business Development Labs;  CodeMaster;  CustomerCast;  Deskin Research Group;  Digital Reflection;  Expert Semiconductor Technology;  Freespace Communications;  Gamut Interactive;  Got.Net;  Grey Matter Response;;  JointSolutions Marketing;  Kaveri Networks;  LogiGear;  Mixed Signal Systems;  Monterey Network Center;  NextShift;  Pacific Par International;  Peripheral Solutions;  Photoflex;  Pivotal Networking;  Regenesis;;  Sampson Engineering;  Semibase;  SiliconX;  Site Perfect Research;  Surf Soft;  Tapestry.Net;  Tegam International;;  Thr Vision Factory;  Totlcom;  Web Communications;  West Valley Staffing Group;  White Shark Systems;  Working Software
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Record updated: Mar 2007
Sector: Professional Services
Year Founded: 1996
Ownership: Private