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Joe Costello (President/CEO) Filippo Zuccarello (CFO);  Carlo Carpanelli (VP Sales);  Monty Clark (VP Sales);  Richard Cuneo (VP Sales & Marketing);  Dean Germeyer (VP Sales);  Kara Kirker (VP Marketing);  Daniel Meyer (VP Marketing);  Scott Rudy (VP Sales);  Bill Thurston (VP Marketing);  Sandra Costello (Director of Sales);  Jason Janicke (technical sales) Valentina Carta (VP HR)
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Think3 is a $1 billion private equity fund designed to enable SaaS founders to take more shots on goal. As a completely new kind of fund backed by proven experience in successful company acquisitions, we believe entrepreneurs should think of their careers as a portfolio and sell their companies earlier to move on to their next high-growth venture. We purchase SaaS companies and enable a unique transition process that empowers founders and their teams to then launch their next startup. For more information, please visit
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