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Collaxa  Acquired by Oracle (2004)

1600 Bridge Parkway
Redwood Shores, CA 94065
Website Company Summary Management Team

Sales/Marketing: Ron Ranaldi
Former Employees: Doron Sherman


Business description: The Collaxa Web Service Orchestration Server (WSOS) is a software solution that helps developers integrate web services into long-running business transactions and collaborative business processes. It is based on industry standards such XML, SOAP, WSDL, BPEL4WS, WS-Transaction and has built-in support for asynchronous conversations, flow coordination and business transactions. WSOS is available for download so that you can take a closer look and kick the tires. BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) is a standard promoted by Microsoft, IBM, Siebel, SAP and BEA for orchestrating discrete services into end-to-end business processes. BPEL has built-in support for synchronous and asynchronous activities, XML manipulation, parallel processing, conditional branching, exception management, compensating transactions and non-structured events. A flexible and open WSDL-based binding framework allows BPEL processes to reach out to XML web services but also JCA, JMS, user workflow, email, EDI, etc. The Collaxa BPEL Server is a scalable and easy-to-deploy infrastructure for modeling, connecting, deploying and managing BPEL processes.
Partners include: BEA SystemsKnowNowOracleSun Microsystems

Rounds: 1
Recent Fundings:    May 2001
Capital raised: 1.7M
Ownership: Acquired by Oracle (2004)
VCs include: Ridge Ventures

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Record updated: Nov 2003
Sector: Software
Year Founded: 2001
Headcount: 11-25 as of Apr 2002
Rounds: 1
Recent Fundings:    May 2001
Capital Raised: 1.7M
Ownership: Acquired by Oracle (2004)