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169 University Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94041
Website Company Summary Management Team

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Raj Reddy (Carnegie Mellon University Professor of Computer Sciences) Jay M. Tenenbaum (CommerceNet Founder) William F. Miller (Stanford University Professor)
Former outside board: Alexander Kemper (Perfect Commerce CEO/Chairman)

Business description: CommerceNet is a neutral, non-profit consortium dedicated to advancing the growth of global electronic trade through business process interoperability and the creation of open Business Service Networks. CommerceNet has identified the advent of business service networks (BSN) as the next wave of innovation that will lead to greater business flexibility, faster interactions with trading partners, suppliers and customers and greater efficiencies that yield improved bottom line results. CommerceNet leads by example actively investing, building and operating multiple BSNs run directly by CommerceNet through our state-of-the art network operations center. CommerceNet has been driving the vision of open BSNs for nearly a decade. BSNs allow companies to do business without costly, time-consuming integration. The technology for implementing this vision has evolved from email to Websites to eMarketplaces. With the widespread adoption of open standards and Web services, the technology is finally catching up to the vision.

Ownership: Private  

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Record updated: May 2007
Sector: Internet
Year Founded: 1994
Ownership: Private