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Crossbow Technology  Acquired by Moog (2011 $ 32,000,000 )

4145 N. First Street
San Jose, CA 95134
Website Company Summary Management Team

General Management: Peter Padar (2007)
Technology: Alan Broad (6/04) ; Ralph Kling (09/12/2006)

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Jerry L. Fiddler (Wind River Systems Former CEO/Chairman) A. Richard Newton (University of California, Berkeley Professor) S. Shankar Sastry (University of California, Berkeley Professor) Michael J. Moniz (Paladin Managing Director) Gary Morgenthaler (Morgenthaler Ventures General Partner) Paul Davies (Cambria Partners Managing Principal) Harvey C. Jones (Synopsys Former President/CEO)

Business description: Crossbow Technology is a leading supplier of inertial sensor systems for aviation, land, and marine applications and other instrumentation sensors as well as the leading full solutions supplier in the wireless sensor networking arena and the only manufacturer of smart dust wireless sensors. Crossbow has for years been at the forefront of creating and deploying smaller, smarter, wireless sensing devices and mesh networking platforms for large scale defense, environmental, agricultural, industrial monitoring and control, building automation, security and asset tracking applications. Crossbow’s open architecture, TinyOS-based platform, enables highly intelligent multi-sensing devices to dynamically and reliably self-organize to efficiently capture and send detailed physical data anywhere, anytime. This transformation in how and where we are able to gather ever more specific physical information has profoundly affected how sensors are used and the types of data that are possible to gather.
Customers include: Intel;  Eclipse Aviation
Partners include: Atmel Honeywell Intel;  Richards-Zeta ;  Willow Technology

Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Jun 2005   May 2001
Capital raised: 24.2M
Last Round: 12.0M
Ownership: Acquired by Moog (2011 $ 32,000,000 )
VCs include: Morgenthaler VenturesPaladin Capital Group;  The Cambria Group
Corporate investors: Cisco SystemsIntel Capital

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Record updated: Dec 2009
Sector: Semiconductor Equipment
Year Founded: 1995
Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Jun 2005   May 2001
Capital Raised: 24.2M
Last Round: 12.0M
Ownership: Acquired by Moog (2011 $ 32,000,000 )