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Advanced Analogic Technologies  (Stock symbol: AATI ) Acquired by Skyworks Solutions (2011 $ 262,500,000 )

3230 Scott Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Richard K. Williams (2004)
President/COO/Operations: Allen Lam (10/2010)
Technology: Jun-Wei Chen (3/9/05) ; Kevin D'Angelo (2/22/09)

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Chandramohan Subramaniam (Advanced Analogic Technologies Director) Jason L. Carlson (QD Vision CEO) Thomas P. Redfern (Advanced Analogic Technologies Director) Alan E. Ross (independent venture capitalist);  Jaff Lin (Maton Ventures) Samuel J. Anderson (Advanced Analogic Technologies Chairman) Thomas Weatherford (Business Objects CFO)
Former outside board: Ken Lawler (Battery Ventures)

Business description: As electronic system designers strive to create the next generation of portable products, they face the ongoing challenge of extending battery life, improving reliability, and reducing the size and weight of new designs. AnalogicTech solves these challenges with total power management solutions based on innovative analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits and a new generation of discrete-power MOSFETs. Playing a critical role in system design, these devices manage battery life, voltage regulation, power-saving load switching, and electronic protection of computer input/output (I/O). The company's engineering team possesses a unique combination of expertise in analog IC and device design, process technology, packaging, and power management applications. AnalogicTech delivers leading-edge products by using world-class outsourcing partnerships for manufacturing in place of conventional wafer foundries.
Partners include: Future Electronics

Rounds: 5
Recent Fundings: Jan 2004
Capital raised: 47.0M
Last Round: 17.4M
Ownership: Acquired by Skyworks Solutions (2011 $ 262,500,000 )
Stock Symbol: AATI
VCs include: Battery VenturesInveStar CapitalSycamore Ventures;  Sunsino Ventures Group;  Maton Ventures;  China International Development Consulting;  Hotung Capital Management
Corporate investors: Mosel Vitelic;  Samsung Venture Investment;  Vanguard International Semiconductor

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Record updated: May 2011
Sector: Semiconductor
Headcount: 201-300 as of Aug 2008
Rounds: 5
Recent Fundings: Jan 2004
Capital Raised: 47.0M
Last Round: 17.4M
Ownership: Acquired by Skyworks Solutions (2011 $ 262,500,000 )
Stock Symbol: AATI