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Elmic Systems  Acquired by Ardro Engineering (2003)

545 Mission Street 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Akira Sawada (2003)
President/COO/Operations: Kevin S. McGuire (2003)
Sales/Marketing: Dylan Kennedy ; Michael Robinson


Business description: Elmic Systems, Inc. is a leading developer and supplier of Internet protocols including TCP/IP (IPv4), IPv6, Mobile IP, and related Internet protocols. Elmic Systems satisfies the most demanding software needs of numerous high-profile and emerging embedded markets ranging from white appliances to Aerospace. The company continues to expand its product offerings to most sectors of the embedded industry by creating software solutions to network enable tomorrow's embedded devices including wireless, storage area networks, embedded industrial controls and SoC (system on Chip) solutions. Elmic Systems is positioned as the premier provider of embedded Internet protocols. The company provides easy-to-integrate solutions with modern coding practices, well-commented code, user-friendly documentation, rigorously tested RFC compliance, and quality support from protocol engineers. Software products from Elmic Systems are built from the ground up, not derived from preexisting public domain source code. Attention to detail and quality programming has made Elmic Systems the first choice among embedded systems developers and many silicon manufacturers.
Customers include: Dionex;  Andover Controls;  APC;  Biocontrol Technology;  Maxon Europe;  Monitor Business Machines;  Orbacom Systems;  RSJ Software GmbH;  Schweitzer Engineering Lab;  Telinc
Partners include: ARMAtmelEncirqHitachi, Ltd.Infineon TechnologiesIntelMips TechnologiesMotorolaTexas InstrumentsToshiba;  Icon Laboratories;  Moony6

Ownership: Acquired by Ardro Engineering (2003)

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Sector: Storage
Ownership: Acquired by Ardro Engineering (2003)