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Gadzoox Networks  (Stock symbol: ZOOXQ.PK ) Acquired by Broadcom (2003 $ 5,800,000)

2902 Stendar Way
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Website Company Summary Management Team

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Milton Chang (Newport Corporation CEO);  Gary Kennedy (Silutions Technology) Denny R. S. Ko (DynaFund Ventures);  Robert Kuhling (ONSET Ventures) Stephen J. Luczo (Seagate Technology CEO);  Sylvia D. Summers Couder (Cisco Systems) Steven M. West (Entera Inc. CEO)

Business description: Gadzoox Networks provides an intelligent networking infrastructure for storage and data management. The company designs, develops and markets innovative and intelligent networking hardware and software products that enable corporate computing systems to handle the exponential growth in data more efficiently. Gadzoox Networks mission is to free companies from the increasing challenges of managing mission and business-critical data with efficient and easy to use SAN solutions. Gadzoox Networks is committed to providing standards-based solutions that simplify storage and data management.
Customers include: DECHPSilicon GraphicsTektronix;  Data General
Partners include: Agilent TechnologiesAtempoBMC SoftwareCambexEMCEmulexFalconStor SoftwareHPIBMLSILSINovellQlogicSteel ExcelStorageTekTivoli SystemsTivoli SystemsVeritas Technologies;  Crossroads;  DataCore Software;  Exabyte;  JNI;  SKYDATA;  Spectra Logic

Rounds: 6
Capital raised: 20.0M
Ownership: Acquired by Broadcom (2003 $ 5,800,000)
Stock Symbol: ZOOXQ.PK
VCs include: NEAOnset Ventures
Corporate investors: Dynamic Technology;  Seagate Technology

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Sector: Storage
Year Founded: 1996
Headcount: 201-300 as of Sep 2002
Rounds: 6
Capital Raised: 20.0M
Ownership: Acquired by Broadcom (2003 $ 5,800,000)
Stock Symbol: ZOOXQ.PK