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182 Howard Street #826
San Francisco, CA 94105
Website Company Summary Management Team

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Doug Hickey (Critical Path CEO) Robert E. Grady (The Carlyle Group) Kevin Harvey (Benchmark) Greg Santora ( CFO)

Business description: Ingenio, formerly, has developed the leading technology platform for enabling commerce-based information exchange. The Ingenio platform is proven and robust, powering over 1 million e-commerce minutes per week and more than 500,000 paid transactions per quarter for a wide range of individuals and businesses, including several Fortune 500 companies. The Ingenio platform is creating powerful ways for people to talk live via the Internet and telephone; these commerce connections are being utilized across individuals, groups, products and services. Initiated primarily from the Web, the Ingenio platform connects two people – a buyer and seller of live tax advice; an Internet Yellow Pages advertiser and a prospective client; a Microsoft products expert and a customer with an Office question – to an immediate or arranged metered telephone conversation which is private and secure. The conversation is initiated and occurs over the Ingenio platform, so no phone numbers, identity or credit cards are exchanged between the two individuals.
Customers include: AOLHomeGainMarchex Match.comMicrosoftRiverdeep;;  CPAdirectory;  DEX;;  Internal Revenue Service;  MyMD ;;  TaxACT
Partners include: Go2JumpTap Network Solutions VoloMedia ;  DCCI ;  DEX;  LexisNexis ;  Medio ;

Rounds: 3
Recent Fundings: Oct 2020   Jun 2000
Capital raised: 57.0M
Last Round: 42.0M
Ownership: Private  
VCs include: Amerindo Investment AdvisorsAngel InvestorsBenchmarkThreshold VenturesIntegral Capital PartnersImpact Venture Partners;  Innovation Investments;  Pivotal Asset Management;  Attractor Investment Management;  Carlyle GroupVulcan CapitalSaints Capital
Private equity: Alpine Investors

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Record updated: Feb 2021
Sector: Internet
Year Founded: 1999
Headcount: 76-100 as of Jul 2004
Rounds: 3
Recent Fundings: Oct 2020   Jun 2000
Capital Raised: 57.0M
Last Round: 42.0M
Ownership: Private