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Intuit  (Stock symbol: INTU )

2632 Marine Way
Mountain View, CA 94043
Website Company Summary Management Team

President/COO/Operations: Jimena Almendares (6/30/2018)
General Management: Eric C. W. Dunn (4/30/2010) ; Sasan Goodarzi (5/22/2013) ; Jack Rubin (3/27/2018) ; Laurent Sellier (1/31/2017) ; Shveta Mujumdar (9/30/2016) ; Mark Hopper (3/31/2017) ; Ashok Srivastava (2/20/2020) ; Joe Wolf (3/31/2017)
Technology: Margret Schmidt (10/31/2017) ; Rajesh Natarajan (5/23/2014); Norman Yee ; Alex Balazs (5/31/2017) ; Diego Rodriguez (11/1/2017); Jeff Brewer (2/28/2017); Manish Shah (08/31/2008) ; Marianna Tessel (6/30/2017) ; Per-Kristian Halvorsen (01/24/2007) ; Tayloe Stansbury (5/31/2009)
General Counsel/Legal: Landon Lerner ; Kerry McLean
Customer Service: Iain Langridge ; Steve Blundell

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) David Batchelder (Relational Investors Founder) Edward A. Kangas (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu International Former CEO) Nora Johnson (Goldman Sachs sr. executive) Suzanne Nora Johnson (Goldman Sachs Vice Chairman) Scott D. Cook (Intuit Chairman of the Executive Committee) Richard L. Dalzell (Amazon CIO) Eve Burton (general counsel) Deb Liu (Facebook Director, Developer and Commerce Businesses) Peter Wendell (Sierra Ventures General Partner);  Raul Vazquez (Oportun CEO) Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn CEO) Tekedra N. Mawakana (Waymo COO) Michael R. Hallman (The Hallman Group President) Dennis D. Powell (Cisco Systems CFO) Stratton D. Sclavos (VeriSign CEO)

Business description: Intuit transforms business and financial management for small businesses, accounting professionals and consumers. The company's mission is to create new ways to manage personal finances and small businesses that are so profound and simple, customers cannot imagine going back to the old way. Intuit's "Right for My Business" strategy for small business customers delivers specially designed, industry-specific business management solutions, and develops accounting solutions for bigger, more complex businesses. Intuit also offers a broad array of tools to help businesses process payroll, manage employees, administer benefit programs and offer retirement plans. What began as small business accounting with QuickBooks® software is now a more comprehensive set of seamless services that go beyond accounting to help small businesses manage other aspects of their operation. Intuit continues to expand its tax preparation offerings, providing powerful and easy-to-use products and services to taxpayers and accounting professionals. For individual taxpayers, Intuit offers TurboTax® software, the No. 1-selling tax software program in the U.S. and TurboTax Online for tax year 2005, the most popular online tax preparation and filing service. Intuit pioneered Instant Data Entry, which permits taxpayers to download 1099 investment data and W-2 wage data directly from the source into their tax returns. ProSeries® and Lacerte® are Intuit's industry-leading tax preparation software suites for professional accountants. One in four individual tax returns completed in the U.S. is prepared with an Intuit tax product.
Partners include: Bank of America Concentric NetworkGoogle IBMNetscape Verizon Visa;  Rush Card

Rounds: 2
Capital raised: 18.0M
Ownership: Public  
Stock Symbol: INTU
Corporate investors: MicrosoftTVI

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Record updated: Aug 2018
Sector: Software
Year Founded: 1983
Headcount: Over 10,000 as of Aug 2018
Rounds: 2
Capital Raised: 18.0M
Ownership: Public  
Stock Symbol: INTU