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Betawave  (Stock symbol: BWAV )

250 Sutter Street #400
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 263-0272
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Matt Freeman (06/06/2008)
President/COO/Operations: Vlad Berkovsky; Tabreez Verjee (02/26/2007)
Finance: Lennox L Vernon
Sales/Marketing: C J Bowden; Mark Oltarsh
General Counsel/Legal: David Lorie

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Mark Menell (Rustic Canyon Partners) Peter Guber (Mandalay Entertainment CEO/Chairman) Michael Jung (Panorama Capital) Richard G Ling (Rembrandt Venture Partners) Matt Freeman (Betawave Director) Jim Moloshok (Betawave Executive Chairman) Riaz Valani (Global Asset Capital General Partner) John Durham (Betawave Director)

Business description: Betawave is a media company based not on the number of people we reach, but on how much interest we generate. What we do is simple: We create opportunities for brands to connect with consumers where they are spending their time and attention online. Some people call this advertising. We call it Attention-Based Media, because we do more than sell advertising, we drive brand engagement. We enable brands to become part of the digital content with which they appear. We have discovered that this actually enables brands to become part of their audience's experience online and ensures that these consumers willingly participate and interact with the brands in ways that are unprecedented until now. And we do it while reaching a mass audience that enables large brands to get their message out and drive consumer purchase intent. In fact, no other company reaches as many consumers with such attention grabbing advertising as we do. At Betawave, we think about driving consumer engagement to mass audiences over our morning cups of coffee, in casual conversation, on weekends…pretty much all the time. This might seem unusual, but like we said, we're a different kind of media company.
Customers include:;  Tribune Interactive
Partners include: Audible Magic Broadband Enterprises ;  CultureCatch ;  Mandalay Integrated Media Entertainment ;

Ownership: Public  
Stock Symbol: BWAV
VCs include: Active Starts

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Record updated: Apr 2010
Sector: Internet
Headcount: 26-50 as of Jul 2008
Ownership: Public  
Stock Symbol: BWAV