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350 Brannan Street 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94107
Website Company Summary Management Team

General Management: Christian Pirkner
Finance: Elion Chin
Technology: Gerald Kropitz (2003)
Sales/Marketing: Zoli Piroska
Former Employees: David McKie Leif R. Welch


Business description: MoodLogic was founded by music lovers who realized they were not getting the most out of their extensive music collections. Drawn by the potential of digital music, the MoodLogic team converted their music collections to MP3 format years ago. Still, something was lacking… the abilities to quickly and easily navigate their collections and the compile excellent playlists. They were further disappointed by the inconsistent labeling of their songs by ripping software and services. Imagine the day that you walk into your living room and say aloud I want to hear some good jazz. Something like Breezin' by George Benson. As soon as the words are out of your mouth, your stereo lights up and a smooth jazz mix starts to play, a mix based on Breezin'. You never have to search through your CD or digital music collection again for the songs you want to hear. MoodLogic calls this responsiveness Active Music, and it is a reality on your computer today. With cooperation of electronic device manufacturers, this will be a reality in living rooms, cars, and portable players in the near future.
Partners include: LoudeyeSONICblueSONY;  Disco Web

Ownership: Private  

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Record updated: Sep 2005
Sector: Internet
Ownership: Private