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SiTime  (Stock symbol: SITM ) Acquired by MegaChips (2014 $ 200,000,000 )

990 Almanor Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Website Company Summary Management Team

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) A. Brooke Seawell (NEA Venture Partner) Joseph Horowitz (Icon Ventures General Partner) Thomas Kenny (Stanford University Faculty) Stefan Kampmann (Robert Bosch Automotive EVP Engineering) Dmitry Akhanov (Rusnano USA President/CEO)
Former outside board: Gerhard Schneider (Robert Bosch VP R&D) Charles Chi (Greylock Partners)
Former advisory board: Kevin Negus (Camp Ventures General Partner)

Business description: SiTime is a fabless integrated circuit company developing silicon timing, clock, and RF chips, which incorporate Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) timing reference devices inside standard silicon electronic chips, eliminating the need for quartz crystals. As electronic systems continue to shrink and increasing functionality is integrated into the electronic chip, the critical timing function takes up an increasing fraction of board space as well as an increasing fraction of the system cost. SiTime products solve this growing problem. Now circuit boards can be up to 30% smaller, a particularly attractive option for small communications modules, hand-held devices, and wireless applications. By utilizing SiTime’s patented principle of "MEMS First™", devices can now be incorporated into silicon wafers using standard IC manufacturing equipment and techniques. SiTime fabricates MEMS elements on the wafer first, allowing greater circuit versatility, which can be fabricated over the top of the MEMS devices. SiTime is funded by top-tier venture capitalists and is rapidly deploying world-class IC and MEMS design teams. It will continue to establish partnerships with premiere silicon foundries and experienced manufacturers of timing and RF components and systems from around the globe. SiTime is disrupting the world of electronic timing by marrying "MEMS-first™" and top IC designs, creating unique and highly competitive product opportunities in multiple channels.
Partners include: Ecliptek ;  Jazz Semiconductor ;  Knowles Electronics ;  Micro Crystal ;  Vectron International

Rounds: 4
Recent Fundings: Sep 2014   Jun 2011
Capital raised: 90.6M
Last Round: 10.0M
Ownership: Acquired by MegaChips (2014 $ 200,000,000 ) Ipo Filing
Stock Symbol: SITM
VCs include: Greylock Partners Icon Ventures NEA ;  Mobile Internet Capital Camp Ventures Hercules Capital ;  Innovative Venture Fund ;  SMBC Group
Corporate investors: Bosch Group ;  RUSNANO

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Record updated: Oct 2019
Sector: Semiconductor
Year Founded: 2005
Rounds: 4
Recent Fundings: Sep 2014   Jun 2011
Capital Raised: 90.6M
Last Round: 10.0M
Ownership: Acquired by MegaChips (2014 $ 200,000,000 ) Ipo Filing
Stock Symbol: SITM