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Open-Silicon  Acquired by SiFive (2018  amount undisclosed )

490 N. McCarthy Blvd. #220
Milpitas, CA 94035
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Taher Madraswala (1/31/2009)
President/COO/Operations: Asim Salim (4/30/2009)
Technology: Anam Haque (7/26/2016); Hans Bouwmeester (3/31/2014) ; Vasan Karighattam (1/31/2015)
Sales/Marketing: Mark Wright

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Christine King (AMI Semiconductor President/CEO) Rick Crowley (Micrel CFO) Rabih Srour (ALNAHLA Group investment manager) Christopher Freeburg (UIB Capital VP Private Equity) Lars Huelsmann (Unicorn Chief Risk Officer)
Former outside board: Edward C. Ross (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing NA President Emeritus) Aamir Khan (ABN AMRO Former CFO) Promod Haque (Norwest Venture Partners Managing Partner) Pierre R. Lamond (Sequoia Capital) Thomas L. Rosch (InterWest Partners General Partner)

Business description: Open-Silicon provides leading edge SoC and ASIC design, open market IP integration, and high-quality silicon manufacturing services to customers worldwide. As a fabless company, Open-Silicon focuses on delivering the most cost-effective, predictable and reliable custom SoC solutions. We partner with customers using flexible models that sometimes include full turnkey development from spec handoffs, and sometimes include only manufacturing services to take advantage of our volume foundry, test, and packaging pricing. Since its founding in 2003, the company has focused on raising the bar on SoC execution, measuring the quality of our engineering work and our ability to hit customer schedules and reporting that to the board of directors at every board meeting. Our executive salaries are paid based upon those metrics, too, ensuring that the entire organization is focused on getting the customer's silicon built on time, and correctly.
Partners include: ARMArtisan ComponentsMagma Design AutomationMoSysRambusSynopsysTriCNTSMCVirage Logic;  ASE Group;  LEDA Systems;  Magma

Rounds: 4
Recent Fundings: Mar 2007   Mar 2004
Capital raised: 45.0M
Last Round: 10.0M
Ownership: Acquired by SiFive (2018  amount undisclosed )

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Record updated: Aug 2018
Sector: Semiconductor
Headcount: 201-300 as of Aug 2018
Rounds: 4
Recent Fundings: Mar 2007   Mar 2004
Capital Raised: 45.0M
Last Round: 10.0M
Ownership: Acquired by SiFive (2018  amount undisclosed )