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460 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: Trip Adler
President/COO/Operations: Jared Fliesler (4/25/2018)
Finance: Tod C Harmon (2/28/2014) ; Tony Grimminck (10/31/2019)
General Counsel/Legal: Laura Malinasky ; Ted Joe

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Geoffrey Yang (Redpoint Ventures) Keith Rabois (Khosla Ventures Partner) David O Sacks (Yammer Founder)

Business description: Scribd lets you publish and discover documents online. It is like a big online library where anyone can upload. We make use of a custom Flash document viewer that lets you display documents right in your Web browser. There are all sorts of other features that make it easy and fun to publish, convert, embed, analyze, and read documents. Part of the idea behind Scribd is that everyone has a lot of documents sitting around on their computers that only they can read. With Scribd we hope to unlock this information by putting it on the web. Literally, anything you can put in a Word (.doc), PDF (.pdf), text (.txt), PowerPoint (.ppt), Excel (.xls), Postscript (.ps), or LIT (.lit) file. When you upload something to Scribd, you keep all the rights to it, including the right to remove it at any time. You grant Scribd only the right to host the document until you choose to remove it. If you choose to, however, you can give other people limited rights to share and reproduce your work, by publishing it under a Creative Commons license. You do not need to sign up. However, if you publish anonymously and move to a different computer you will lose ownership of your documents and you will never be able to edit or delete them. This is not because we're mean; it's just because if you don't sign up, we have no way of confirming that you're still the person who uploaded your documents.
Partners include: Berrett-Koehler;  Manning Publications;  Random House;  SimonAndSchuster;  Thomas Nelson;  Workman Publishing

Rounds: 5
Recent Fundings: Nov 2019   Jan 2015
Capital raised: 105.8M
Last Round: 58.0M
Ownership: Private  
VCs include: CRVRedpoint VenturesSVB CapitalKhosla Ventures;  Kinsey Hills Group;  MLC Investments;  Spectrum Equity
Angels/other VCs: Edward P Kinsey (Impel)

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Record updated: Apr 2022
Sector: Software
Year Founded: 2007
Headcount: 401-500 as of Apr 2022
Rounds: 5
Recent Fundings: Nov 2019   Jan 2015
Capital Raised: 105.8M
Last Round: 58.0M
Ownership: Private