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eOn Communications  (Stock symbol: EONC ) Acquired by Cortelco Systems (2008 $ 11,000,000 )

185 Martinvale Lane
San Jose, CA 95119
(408) 694-9500
Website Company Summary Management Team

CEO: David S. Lee (11/30/2003)
Finance: Stephen R. Bowling (11/30/2003)
Sales/Marketing: Jack Dienno
Former Employees: Mitch Gilstrap Vijay Sharma

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Frederick Gibbs (Mulberry Hill Enterprises Founder);  Robert Dilworth (eOn Communications Former CEO) W. Frank King (Concerno Former CEO)

Business description: eOn Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: EONC) is a global provider of innovative communications solutions. Backed with over 20 years of telecommunications engineering expertise, our solutions enable our customers to easily leverage advanced technologies in order to communicate more effectively. Our offerings are built on reliable open architectures that enable easy adoption of emerging technologies, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and concepts, such as Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Whether you are looking to leverage the advantages of enterprise IP telephony or advanced contact center technologies, eOn Communications delivers proven, IP-ready products that will improve your business performance.
Customers include: GSA
Partners include: Infineon Intel Red Hat ;  Digium ;  Esna Technologies ;  eyeP Media

Ownership: Acquired by Cortelco Systems (2008 $ 11,000,000 )
Stock Symbol: EONC

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Record updated: Dec 2008
Sector: Communications
Ownership: Acquired by Cortelco Systems (2008 $ 11,000,000 )
Stock Symbol: EONC