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Radiance Technologies  Acquired by Comcast (2008 $ 5,000,000 )

5050 El Camino Real 221
Los Altos, CA 94022
Website Company Summary Management Team

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Keith Benjamin (Levensohn Venture Partners Managing Director) James N. White (Sutter Hill Ventures Managing Director)
Former outside board: Daniel Eilers (Vanguard Venture Partners General Partner) Audrey MacLean (mentor capitalist);  Nicholas G. Moore (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

Business description: Radiance Technologies enables the managed delivery of digital packages. The company's first product, the TrueDelivery™ System, brings patent-pending digital logistics technology to digital delivery over IP networks. Now, as business becomes more global and more collaborative, the efficiency of digital flows becomes an increasingly critical success factor. Radiance applies the science of logistics to the problem of optimizing product data flows via a set of patent-pending Digital Logistics core technologies.
Customers include: TelAmerica Media
Partners include: HPIBMMicrosoftOnstream Media Silicon GraphicsSun Microsystems;  WebLOQ

Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Aug 2004   Mar 2002
Capital raised: 26.6M
Last Round: 9.0M
Ownership: Acquired by Comcast (2008 $ 5,000,000 )
Angels/other VCs: Mark Leslie (VERITAS Software);  Audrey MacLean (mentor capitalist);  Stan Meresman (Silicon Graphics);  James N. White (Sutter Hill Ventures)
Corporate investors: ChevronTexaco Venture Enterprises

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Record updated: Oct 2008
Sector: Communications
Year Founded: 2000
Headcount: 26-50 as of Jul 2006
Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Aug 2004   Mar 2002
Capital Raised: 26.6M
Last Round: 9.0M
Ownership: Acquired by Comcast (2008 $ 5,000,000 )