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Realization Technologies

2 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95112
Website Company Summary Management Team

Former Employees: Milan Bhalala


Business description: By stopping the critical path from shifting, Realization's software creates an environment where management decisions have credibility - they are based on reliable information, and can be followed through in execution. Software also simplifies decision-making in an inherently complex environment: Critical chain and pipeline constraints are the factors that limit throughput, thus providing a good basis for planning. Buffer signals not only provide advance warning of potential delays, but also highlight areas on which to focus to get schedules back on track. Monitoring consumption of buffers over time can highlight the areas where local improvements will have the most impact on system performance.
Customers include: Agere SystemsDaimlerChryslerEngenio Information SystemsFirst SolarFMCKinetics SystemsLSILucent TechnologiesMedtronicNASAOrbotechPfizer;  Agis;  Bombardier;  Breville;  Delrad Networks;  Department of the Air Force;  Elbit Systems;  elrad Networks;  FMC Energy Systems;  Fuchosa;  Hamilton Beach;  HermanMiller;  Israel Defense Forces;  Johnson Controls;  Lilly Software;  MCM;  MerCruiser;  NACCO;  NavSea;  OHL;  PartyLite Worldwide;  Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard;  Pearl Harbor Shipyard Team;  Pharmacia;  Rafael;  SheaHomes;  Skye Group;  Tadiran Communications;  TESSCO Technologies;  U.S. Air Force Operational TestAndEvaluation Center;  U.S. Navy
Partners include: IBM;  API;  Chesapeake Consulting;  CMG;  More Capacity;  The Goal Institute;  Thru Put;  Vector Strategies

Ownership: Private  

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Record updated: Aug 2005
Sector: Software
Ownership: Private