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Former Employees: David Adams Jeff Allen

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Steve Bennet (Bodega Partners Managing Director) Neal H. Pilson (CBS Sports Former President)
Advisory board: Lee Steinberg (NFL Sports Agent and Sports Authority);  Tom Morgan (Move Network Chief Strategy Officer);  Suzanne Estrada (Launch Consultant)
Former outside board: Bruce I. Berkoff (Philips LCD CMO)

Business description: Rallypoint provides software and services for Internet-enabled HTDVs including our patent-pending “widgets on TV” - software embedded in the chipsets shipped to TV OEMs. We aggregate Internet information and content, develop the applications (widgets), and provision the services that consumers find through the TV remote control and an on-line “configure your TV” experience. Content includes news, voting, social networking, sports and fantasy sports, shopping, TV-related search engine, and video-on-demand – all through the TV remote. Rallypoint is redefining living room entertainment with a number of patent-pending solutions for next generation HDTVs, Blu-ray players, set-tops, and similar devices that feature full Internet connectivity. In bringing Web 2.0 to home entertainment, Rallypoint is pioneering TV 2.0 with breakthrough technology in user interface navigation, widgets and TV App development—allowing users to experience a seamless integration of their online and offline worlds. Rallypoint’s innovations include “beyond the browser” advanced HDTV user interfaces that fully-integrate web-based social networking and e-commerce capabilities, personalized look and feel, and Wii-like motion sensing controls.
Partners include: FacebookRotoHogSamsungSharpTwitterYahoo!;  AccuScore;  BestBuy;  VIZIO

Rounds: 1
Recent Fundings:    Jan 2009
Last Round: 1.7M
Ownership: Private  
VCs include: DBL Partners

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Record updated: Feb 2015
Sector: Software
Year Founded: 2006
Rounds: 1
Recent Fundings:    Jan 2009
Last Round: 1.7M
Ownership: Private