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TriCN  Acquired by Synopsys (2005)

164 Townsend Street #10
San Francisco, CA 94107
Website Company Summary Management Team

Technology: Ron Nikel (2003)
Not listed on the website: (May no longer be at the company) Donald Miller*;  Steve McConnell*

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Fred Wang (Trinity Ventures) Robert Winter (Rocket Ventures)
Former outside board: David Adams (Rocket Ventures)

Business description: TriCN is a leading developer of high performance semiconductor interface intellectual property. The company provides a complete portfolio of IP for moving data on and off the chip. This IP is designed for IC developers addressing challenging bandwidth-intensive applications, typically in the communications, networking, data storage and memory space. TriCN's IP answers these challenges by delivering validated, industry-leading I/O performance and bandwidth density while dramatically streamlining design complexity and time-to-market.
Customers include: AppleCognigineGeneral DynamicsHPIBMLeopard LogicMips TechnologiesNokiaNVIDIASilicon GraphicsTerawave CommunicationsTower Semiconductor;  Internet Machines;  Microelectronics;  Philips Semiconductor
Partners include: Tower SemiconductorTSMCVirage Logic;  Amos Technology;  IBM Microelectronics;  NESA;  PLDA;  Tallika;  Virtual Silicon

Rounds: 1
Recent Fundings: Sep 2002
Capital raised: 4.5M
Last Round: 4.5M
Ownership: Acquired by Synopsys (2005)

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Record updated: May 2005
Sector: Storage
Year Founded: 1997
Rounds: 1
Recent Fundings: Sep 2002
Capital Raised: 4.5M
Last Round: 4.5M
Ownership: Acquired by Synopsys (2005)