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WhiteLight Systems  Acquired by SunGard Trading and Risk Systems (2004)

4015 Miranda Avenue 2nd Floor
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Website Company Summary Management Team

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Geoff Squire (OpenVision);  Dan Greenshields (Netstock CFO);  Stewart Gross (Warburg Pincus);  Bill RiffleRich Wolf (Dresden Kleinwort)

Business description: WhiteLight Systems, Inc. is dedicated to helping companies achieve exceptional business performance. WhiteLight financial services solutions enable businesses to leverage existing enterprise infrastructure to drive and execute better decisions. With a robust suite of applications built on a framework of breakthrough integration, analytics, and workflow management capabilities, WhiteLight empowers all levels of your organization to make the time-critical, high-value decisions that turn corporate goals into reality. With WhiteLight financial fervices solutions, financial services companies can overcome the analysis and monitoring challenges common in the industry. It integrates real-time data from across the enterprise into a single source of information, providing decision-makers with the insight they need to perform forward-looking analysis. Traders, loan officers, portfolio managers, risk managers, and treasury analysts will be able to measure the potential impact of any transaction before it gets made—exposing risks before they occur.
Customers include: Bank of AmericaUUNET;  AIG;  Algorithmics;  Bank of New York;  Barclays Bank;  Credit Lyonnais;  Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein;  JPMorgan Chase;  Moody’s KMV;  NestleUSA;  Sungard
Partners include: ActuateActuateBusiness ObjectsCognosSun MicrosystemsSybase;  Algorithmics;  AMS;  Attunity;  LOGISIL;;  Sungard;  WhiteCross

Rounds: 5
Recent Fundings:    Aug 2001
Capital raised: 42.0M
Last Round: .6M
Ownership: Acquired by SunGard Trading and Risk Systems (2004)
VCs include: Charter Life SciencesWarburg PincusItochu;  Dresdner Kleinwort Capital
Angels/other VCs: Jeff Squire (VERITAS Software)
Corporate investors: SybaseGE CapitalGeneral Electric;  ITOCHU Techno-Science;  Allianz

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Sector: Software
Year Founded: 1992
Headcount: 51-75 as of Aug 2002
Rounds: 5
Recent Fundings:    Aug 2001
Capital Raised: 42.0M
Last Round: .6M
Ownership: Acquired by SunGard Trading and Risk Systems (2004)