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640 West California Ave Suite 220
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
408 990 1940
Website Company Summary Management Team

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Yatin Mundkur (Artiman Ventures General Partner) Jim Smith (Mohr, Davidow Ventures);  Rishi Narang (T2AM investment manager) Blair Hull (Hull Group)
Advisory board: Bill Magill (TeleSoft Partners Managing Director)
Former outside board: Arjun Gupta (Telesoft Partners) Jorge A. del Calvo (Pillsbury, Winthrop Partner)

Business description: Xambala is one of the fastest growing electronic liquidity providers to capital markets. Our mission is to drive fair, open, and highly accessible markets. We enable rapid price discovery by providing liquidity at the best possible price, quickly. We develop cutting edge networking and computing technologies that allow us to respond quickly as the market changes and provide the most competitive quotes. This improves liquidity and reduces transaction costs for investors, large and small. We are committed to level the playing field for all market participants.

Rounds: 4
Recent Fundings: Oct 2014   Jun 2009
Capital raised: 34.0M
Last Round: 4.2M
Ownership: Private  

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Record updated: Nov 2014
Sector: Communications
Year Founded: 2001
Rounds: 4
Recent Fundings: Oct 2014   Jun 2009
Capital Raised: 34.0M
Last Round: 4.2M
Ownership: Private