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Gluster  Acquired by Red Hat (2011 $ 136,000,000 )

640 W. California Avenue #200
Sunnvale, CA 94086
408) 598 4300
Website Company Summary Management Team

President/COO/Operations: Hitesh Chellani (6/30/2005)
Sales/Marketing: Mike Backlund

Outside board: (May no longer be on the board) Rob Bearden (Hortonworks CEO) Bernard Dalle (Index Ventures Partner)

Business description: Gluster provides open source storage solutions that deliver massively scalable storage for public and private clouds. Our open source software runs on commodity computing and storage resources (either public or private clouds), enabling customers to scale performance, capacity, and availability linearly and on demand. Customers have scaled Gluster in building block fashion from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes to meet the most demanding capacity and performance needs at a fraction of the cost of traditional proprietary and monolithic systems. Gluster uses a unified global namespace to virtualize disk and memory resources into a single shared pool that is centrally managed. Our scalable virtual appliances address the needs of public and private clouds, traditional data centers and shared storage for virtual server environments. Gluster is used by enterprises in a wide range of industries, including digital media delivery, healthcare, internet, energy and biotech.
Customers include: AcquiaBAE SystemsBoxCincinnati BellKodiak NetworksLife TechnologiesMailChimpNoble EnergynScaledSingleHopStanford UniversitySynopsysTrend MicroUnwired Planet;  AExponential Storage;  AMAX;  Applied Weather;  Arsys;  Assanka;  Atria Communications;  Avail-TVN;  BabcockAndBrown;  CafePress;  CIC ;  COLA/IGES;  Dana Farber Cancer Institute;  Directi;  Dow Agrosciences;  eCollege;  EECOL Electric;  Envoy Media Group;  Enzu;  EOTNetworks;  Exponential Storage;  GCI Communications;  Guvera;  Humedica;  i-cubed;  Innovative Discoveries;  Innovative Discovery;  Invitrogen;  Iowa Telecomm;  Iowa Telecomm – L3;  Lite3d;  Livermore Software Technology Group;  Memar Monteassegni;  Moonfruit;  National Heart Lung and Blood Institute;  NTTPC Communications;  Partners Healthcare;  Photometria;  Platformic;  Qbrick;  Reinvented;  Ronin Capital;  RTV Utrecht;  SiteMaker Software;  Smedia;  Synthetic Genomics;  Texas AandM University;  The Sage Group;  University of Florida;  University of Minnesota;  Westman Communications Group;  WIPRO Infotech
Partners include: CSS Corp

Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Nov 2010
Capital raised: 12.5M
Last Round: 8.5M
Ownership: Acquired by Red Hat (2011 $ 136,000,000 )

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Record updated: Oct 2011
Sector: Storage
Year Founded: 2005
Headcount: 51-75 as of May 2011
Rounds: 2
Recent Fundings: Nov 2010
Capital Raised: 12.5M
Last Round: 8.5M
Ownership: Acquired by Red Hat (2011 $ 136,000,000 )