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Fairchild Imaging  Acquired by BAE Systems (2011 $ 86,000,000 )

1801 McCarthy Blvd
Milpitas, CA 95035
800 325-6975
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Sales/Marketing: Colin Earle


Business description: Fairchild Imaging develops and manufactures solid-state electronic imaging components, cameras, and systems. We are a company devoted to the creation of electronic imaging technology, development of that technology to production practicality, and manufacture to commercial success. We are a descendent of the Fairchild family of companies, originally a part of Fairchild Semiconductor and now a stand-alone company. In 1973, we brought semiconductor-based electronic imaging to commercial reality with the first commercially available CCDs. Since that achievement, Fairchild Imaging and its OEM customers have introduced imaging technology and processes that have created industries. Our facilities are completely dedicated to the manufacture of electronic focal planes and electronic imaging systems. In order to assure rapid achievement of research goals, complete control of product quality and timely product delivery schedules, all of our engineering, semiconductor wafer fabrication, production assembly, and business facilities are co-located and managed at a single facility. Resident manufacturing processes include semiconductor wafer fabrication, wafer dicing, packaging, backside thinning, device butting, fiber-optic element attachment, X-ray scintillator attachment, hybridization, and color filter deposit. Additionally, our electronic imaging systems products, both standard and custom, are designed and manufactured in this facility. At the forefront of technology, our Active Resetâ„¢ ultra-low noise CMOS technology provides yet another imaging choice for our customers and their specific markets and applications. This technology complements the existing Fairchild Imaging line of large area, high performance CCD cameras and sensors.

Ownership: Acquired by BAE Systems (2011 $ 86,000,000 )

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Record updated: Jan 2011
Sector: Peripherals
Year Founded: 1973
Ownership: Acquired by BAE Systems (2011 $ 86,000,000 )